Month: February 2020

How Not To Get Ripped Off By Mechanic

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There is a believe doing rounds globally that mechanics are the last to be trusted. This could be true but still, some are trustworthy. For the fact that they are responsible for our motor vehicle mishaps, at least they should demystify the myth and prove their credibility and integrity. There are those of us so close and so dear to their cars to the extent that you mishandle their car to them is more than heartbreak. A past study conducted by a certain auto company revealed that 29 percent of mechanics are trustworthy, what about the rest? It should be better than that.

Common tricks that mechanics use to rip off their clients is by letting them pay for the services they don’t need in the name of making more in a day, which is a total nuisance and let down to their customers. If by the end of the day they realize they have been tricked they can move on to other mechanics where they feel safe to have their car services, so it is upon a mechanic to choose from losing their credibility and maintaining repeat customers at their garage or yard. Luring customers to buy services for aesthetic is not a bad thing for the mechanic to do, but the case rests upon the type of clients they are dealing with. Some can afford extraordinary luxury in their cars and those on a budget. They should learn to deal with them differently.

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