Getting a vehicle across the country can be very difficult to organize since the options are not that many and good, reputable car moving companies are minimal. You either drive your vehicle yourself or let other people or companies drive it for you. 

Driving yourself is a lot cheaper, but the time and energy you spend can’t be paid by money. Hiring someone to drive the car for you can be hassle-free, but usually, it can cost you a lot of money. But there is another option available in the market that can take a lot of hassle from the process, hiring an automotive shipping company. 

The biggest question you need to answer when looking for an agency who will ship your car is, “Which agency will be the best for your needs and do they have a reasonable price?” Finding the right vehicle shipping agency is a lot easier if you follow some of these simple steps.

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Method #2: Finding the right automotive shipping agency

To find the best car shipping company, doing your due diligence in researching can go a long way. Researching everything related to shipping cars is the first step in finding the right agency to transport your vehicle. Find out everything about the company and how they perform when it comes to their clients. You also need to remember that you need to ask the right question to ensure that you know and understand everything about the transport process.

Step 1: Research, make a list and explore everything on your list. Do comprehensive research about all the companies near you or the companies that get your interest. It includes checking all the customer reviews, for how the company treats its consumers and their automobile can tell you about how the company runs its operations. You also need to check your local BBB or Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company doesn’t have a past and present complaints from their past and current clients. 

If you find one, check if there was a follow up from the company, as well as the result of the follow-up. Even the best agencies can suffer some miscommunication. How they respond will give you an idea about the company’s trustworthiness and character.

Step 2: Get online quotations for all the transportation agencies in your list

The next thing you need to do is to get a quotation online from all the companies that are on your list. Some options include Executive Auto Shippers, Ship-a-Car Direct or eShip, to name a few. Some of them specialize in certain kinds of vehicles like luxury cars or sports car, so you need to make sure that you check the kind of vehicle the agencies are dealing with before you approach them and take your hard-earned money without getting the right services.

Step 3: Verify all your choices

Make contact with all the companies that you find exciting and plans to hire. Make sure to get their phone numbers and make contact with their customer sales representative. Not only that, one of the first things you need to do is to verify if they have all the necessary licenses and bond information with the FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Through this organization, you can find out the safety record of a car transport company.

A simple tip: You can contact the FMCSA to check the shipper’s insurance record and their licenses. You can also check the complaints by customers about their experience with the company. 

Step 4: Ask about their transporting process

Ask all the important questions when it comes to dealing with the vehicle shipment you are planning to make with the transporting company. Some items you need to ask to the automobile transport agencies include:

How long does the process take?

Car shipping does not happen in the blink of your eyes. It usually takes time, at least one month, from the time they pick up the shipment until it is delivered to the final destination. It takes more than one month for overseas delivery.

Does the organization offer uncovered or covered carrier options?

While the uncovered option is the least expensive among the two, it also exposes the vehicle to all the harmful elements when making its way to the final destination. 

How does scheduling car pickups work?

Most of the time, an organization will contact you when a van comes open to ship your automobile. They do this to save more money by making different stops when they travel from one place to another. To get the exact date of pickup, it will cost you more money.

What options for delivery they are offering?

It includes a door-to-door, as well as a terminal-to-terminal car delivery. A door-to-door option will cost you more, but it is more convenient since the transport organization will deliver the package from your door directly to the place where you want it to be. If they use a terminal-to-terminal delivery, you need to travel to the terminal, where they will drop off the package to retrieve them.