It’s pretty rare to see a Porsche Cayman with wild fender flares and an even crazier paint job, but this green thing you see right here isn’t a normal Cayman because sitting behind the driver is a 1,210-horsepower twin-turbo LSA V8 swap that takes up nearly the whole back hatch. So like I said—not exactly normal.

Eight-time national karting champ Jordon Musser is no stranger to ridiculously fast Porsches. His first Porsche was a 911 Turbo he tuned up to roughly 1,100 horsepower, but the thought of blowing up a $50,000 Porsche crate engine was simply too much. 

After a brief stint in a mostly stock C7-generation Chevrolet Corvette, Musser realized that he wanted another project car, albeit with lower build costs than his last one. A Chevy LS-powered project offered him the kind of engineering and fabrication challenge he wanted with a powertrain that would be far less expensive to modify and fix.

After considering everything from a Superlite Coupe kit car to a modernized widebody C2-generation Corvette, he briefly thought of building an LS-powered Porsche 911, but decided that was too much like his last project—not to mention far too common. That’s when a Cayman entered the picture. 

After learning of a Ford Coyote V8-powered Cayman, he knew it would fit, but those who went the LS route cited multiple problems. 

“From having to move the driver forward to axle problems, electric water pump problems and gearbox gearing being entirely incorrect for a V8. Not to mention the rear of the car is a strut and not multi-link, which makes it…well crap,” Musser wrote. 

Challenge accepted. Thanks for outlining the problems with this project, everyone! 

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