They estimate that the AnyLevel hydraulic lift, which has been dismantled from a plethora of payload challenges and impossibly high jumps, costs around $30,000. The most expensive kit listed on the company’s website is $19,895, so unless there was more custom work performed to WhistlinDiesel’s truck specifically, that number’s off by a good amount.

The 28-inch wheels, on the other hand, were actually around $7,000 when new. Then there’s the $3,000 front bumper, the $2,000 fenders, and the list goes on. It’s also missing the entire aluminum bed, which is a massively expensive component without any labor or paint. 

In all, they claim to have caused roughly $70,000 in damage to the Ford SEMA special. While real numbers are likely a little lower than that, it’s impossible to argue just how hopeless this truck’s future now is. And it’s not like an insurance company will cover the costs—these guys have nearly 900,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their stunts are no secret.

It’d be unethical to endorse anyone with this level of disregard for money and responsibility. How could you, after watching them literally whack the truck with an excavator and not even skip a beat while effectively digging its own grave? Instead, we’ll just say we’re glad someone else took on the financial load to perform a handful of ludicrous tests. Of course, we knew the rear-end would give way with a payload that’s three times the listed capacity, but we would never have known exactly how bad.

The YouTubers claim this truck’s stint will soon be over. Don’t be surprised, though, if they roll out another ludicrous project. This isn’t the first pickup they’ve trashed, after all.

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