As a tourist, i am a big fan of Dubai city and for me, it is one of the best and affordable city to hangout with friends. Dubai luxurious lifestyle, exotic destinations, supercars and fun activities are some of the reasons that i like about this city. Whenever i travel here i always book a luxury car that suits my taste whether it is a Ferrari or Lamborghini. I always get great deals on luxury car rental dubai services so i grab once i spot a one.

My experience of riding a expensive car here is nothing less than a stellar. I always love to drive cars like lambo or ferrari around burj khalifa downtown area of dubai. Good things is that you can rent cars as per your budget so it is not necessary that you need to rent high end luxury cars. You can also go for cheaper rental options among car brands like toyota, nissan, kia and hyundai. 

Is Rent A Car Process Easy?

According to my experience, renting a luxury car is easier than most of the other developed countries that i have visited. There are so many companies who offer rent a car service at nominal rates. Some rental companies have only high end cars in their fleets while others have mixed car brands. You can easily locate the company if you make a google search. You need to present your valid driving license and travel insurance if you have any. After that the process is very fast and in a few hours, you can get the car.

How To Get a Good Deal On Booking? 

To get a good deal, you should book in advance. So if you didn’t make a sudden plan to visit dubai then i will recommend you to book the car in advance. Pay with credit card is also a great option as some banks offer huge discounts on car rentals. Also, try to look for the deals on and off as companies mostly offer a good discount on normal days. Don’t make a mistake to book the luxury car on the same day at peak season.  

What Types of Cars You Can Book?

Dubai is a city of exotic cars and when it comes to showing off their wealth they are matchless. You can rent ferrari in dubai or lamborghini in 3k to 5K AED per day. If budget is not an big issue for you then you can go for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, range rover etc. These are high end cars and their prices will be higher than the normal car brands. In low end cars, you can choose car brands like Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai.

What Is My Experience Of Booking Luxury Cars?

I always have a pleasant experience with all my bookings. But i can’t guarantee you will face the same. So you should take care of some points before renting a car. 

  • Making sure to inquire about all the information regarding renting like final pricing, insurance, fines etc
  • You have to pick the car by yourself or someone will drop the car to your place. If a person will come then it is included in the price of they charge separately. Remember, you can’t drive in dubai if you don’t have a valid driving license of 6 months or you have a international driving license. If you think you are lacking bot of these things then you can acquire chauffeur service dubai but with extra charges. 
  • Don’t let the company full the fuel tank unless you think you can fully use the tank, It is better to take this responsibility in your hands. 
  • Is there any late return charges or not? Sometimes if you exceed the time, car rental provider charges you the according to the next day. So it is better to inquire about it. 
  • What is their insurance policy? In case of an accident, what will be legal implications? You should know the answers to these questions before starting the engine

I always follow the law and act upon the guidelines that a luxury car rental company provides me. I once rent a Lamborghini in dubai and made a grand entry at the party that was my best experience of using luxury cars there.

Final Thoughts 

Dubai offers so many great places to tourists and it would be more awesome if you drive luxury cars there. My every trip was full of entertainment and memorable. You can contact any reputed luxury car rentals dubai company to book a good car for your next trip.