Kevin’s story is thoroughly documented in this YouTube video and is definitely worth hearing in full but the long and the short of it is that the car was accounted for, not stolen, but was locked away somewhere for largely unknown, proprietary reasons. A satisfying conclusion, we know.

From a Turo Support email to McCauley, “The police did not recover the vehicle, but they were kind enough to inform me that the vehicle was safe/accounted for in storage. They confirmed that the vehicle had not been stolen, but that it had been stored for unknown reasons, most likely municipal.”

In the end, McCauley had his Turo trip refunded and even received a $100 credit for his trouble. However, the mystery of why the black Cayman seemingly vanished off the street overnight remains mostly a mystery. Was it repo’d by creditors? Hooked away for racking up too many parking tickets by inconsiderate renters? Was something truly fishy going on with this “Valentino” character? Or perhaps it was beamed up by aliens involved in an intergalactic Porsche-trafficking conspiracy.

If anyone out there happens to know this car, its owner, or what happened to it that night (or if you’re a Turo expert with theories), we’d love to hear from you.

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