According to The Drive’s own deep-dive late last year, while the Mega Cruiser looked like the H1 Hummer, it actually had bigger dimensions than its American counterpart coming in seven inches taller and sixteen longer, though the Toyota was one inch narrower. Its rough and tumble assembly also meant that the standard civilian model had a payload rating of 1,323 pounds.

The Mega Cruisers here also have all-wheel steering, something most supercars now have, a 4-speed overdrive, three locking differentials, an exhaust brake, all the hook-ups for trailers, and an onboard rear tire inflation system. The listing also says that while only two seats in the photos, each will go to their new owner with rear seats, doors, and the canopy with all the accompanying hardware. 

According to the listing, the seller notes the rarity of these Mega Cruisers, saying “This is the holy grail, the unicorn, the Toyota BXD-10 Megacruiser.” They add, “Of course, [it comes with] a 49 state transferable title included (No Kalifornia).” Both Mega Cruisers are for sale, but can be had at two levels of restoration, the ad saying, “We are selling 2 levels of these—re-assembled & fully working [for] $28k, and restored/repainted [for] $38k. Both come with rear seats, doors, canopy & hardware (it is a troop carrier).”

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