Messaging the seller has yet to pay off with any insight on this car’s makeup or purpose, though digging into the emblems on its body may shed some light on its history. While there definitely is no Cairo Highway Patrol, the logo on the hood is definitely that of the Shriners Hospitals for Children—you know, those dudes in fezzes who ride around on tiny cars at every Labor Day parade. Contacting the organization’s national HQ directed us to the Cairo Shriners, a division based not out of the upstate NY hamlet, but the not-so-nearby Rutland, Vermont.

Not only would that explain the paper “Vermont” plate on the Plymouth’s front bumper, it may also explain why the car exists in the first place. Just some silly promotional vehicle made for parades, potentially from cars written off by insurers.

That’d also explain why its seller says it “is not eligible to be road legal”—not that a car with a steering wheel at either end is the safest to drive on the streets in the first place. As is, it’s little more than a novelty, and as novelties go, it’s not priced particularly affordably at $6,500. Then again, it’s not every day you see what’s practically a ready-made demolition derby or 24 Hours of Lemons car (the two are sometimes interchangeable) come up for sale.

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